Click Graphics has a versatile domain of specialization & team of experts which continuously give in efforts to provide a wide spectrum of services to our clients.

Maintenance services which we deliver are as follows,

Website Maintenance Services

Click Graphics gives great and on-time site upkeep maintenance to ensure your site remains up-to-date and updates consistently. Click Graphics will work in background as your outsource partner and deal with the everyday support of your site, leaving your daily business tasks with you - like maintaining your business in the manner in which just you know how. We will work with you to plan and regularly update your site and whenever required.

Need for Support

Your site is your business’’ digital personality, so to convey the correct message about your brand & services, it is crucial to keep your site with the latest trends of industry with professional look & feel.

Without predictable and constant updates, the design of your site will be simply a static pamphlet which forms a unappealing inference to the developing and dynamic nature of your business.

Search engines like, Google have web crawlers which have algorithms based on certain standards by which they rank websites, if your webpage neglects to remain updated according to these guidelines, it will be lost in an ocean of a large number of sites up on the web.

From direct business perspective, it is critical to check inquiries and mails regularly to ensure everything is staying in course and you are not missing on potential customers.

Why Us?

Our in-house team has the expertise with the following platforms and technologies & more:

check_box Quick

We trust customer support to be one of your business’’ backbone. We are readily available to support and offer our help by means of emailing or phone call.

check_box Proactive

We act before calamity strikes! We analyze for site for updates, uptime and backup. Additionally, we care for the specialized elements of your site to guarantee a rich client experience for your site's guests.

check_box Responsible

We comprehend time is money and specifically with regards to business. This makes us expertly responsible for your speculation.

check_box Experts

Our team of profoundly experienced developers & designers is actually all around prepared to meet even the most one of kind support requirements we've gone over. Regardless of what the dimension of intricacy, Click Graphics expertise and ability is the final thing you have to stress over.

check_box Empathetically Diligent

Our team is incredibly amicable and effectively agreeable. On the off chance that an issue emerges, you can converse with the concerned member and get the issue settled.

Platform Neutrality

Click Graphics has taken shot at all top CMS frameworks in the market today. Regardless of whether your organizations utilize word press, joomla, drupal, Laravel, CodeIgniter, .NET etc., we have experience on working with these platforms. Our team has all the ability and mastery and is exceedingly comfortable with working at any platform accessible today.

Our Services

Website maintenance incorporates overhauling, altering, or generally changing existing pages to keep your site refreshed with updated content.

  • Text revisions to existing web pages
  • Adding, deleting or editing graphics or photographs on the web pages.
  • Pricing changes
  • News
  • Newsletters
  • New product and service updates
  • Press releases
  • Staff & personnel changes
  • Updating hyperlinks
  • Aside from that, our programmers can even automate to make daily updates through softwares.

Software Maintenance

At Click Graphics, our services don't discontinue once your product has been made and goes live. We offer an assortment of post delivery software support, intending to guarantee your product remains updated even after the deployment. Moreover, maintaining the software products we fabricated we likewise stretch out our services to software that were created by different vendors.

Consequently, we get that performing in-house software maintenance is a tedious work, making it a costly recommendation for any organization. Click Graphics offers you the most productive ongoing software support solution at feasible rates. Our software support team can help lighten your in-house developers’ burden of troubleshooting and fixing defects. Our team will accept the day by day IT activities engaged with maintenance, troubleshooting and surveying your software for improved proficiency and execution. We furnish an issue free maintenance with an all around organized program and continued correspondence endeavors.

Our software maintenance services

  • Design & Web Content updates
  • Error Tracking & Debugging
  • Software Upgrades & Improvements
  • Code Review & Analysis
  • Quality Assurance Testing
  • Documentation Maintenance
  • Software Enhancements
  • Performance Improvement
  • Service Level Agreements
  • 24x7 Technical Support & Help Desk

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